On Thursday 8 November 2018 we officially launched as a Charity.







June 2021

News cutting June 3021

January 2020

MCKS Grant     MCKS Grant




2020 Global Community Engagement Day

On Global Community Engagement day 2020 Tuesday January 28th, Driven Forward Charity took our lovely, regular group of elderly on their shopping trip to Asda. They all get picked up from their doorsteps from 2 locations in Windsor and they get to have a good catch up on the bus, do their shopping together and then we all sit down together for a coffee in McDonald's. Sometimes we will have a"sing song" on the way. Today i'm back to driving the bus and "grabbing the bull by the horns" as it's my first time back driving the bus , since the RTC in October but I have two volunteers on board to assist and I will have some music too👍. Watch out for "Lumi" the blue bus as the driver is back in the driving seat.


Group huggingOn National Hugging Day, 21 January 2020 Driven Forward volunteers were at the bottom of Peascod Street in Windsor giving out lots of FREE HUGS just what the Dr's ordered "Free Hugs" and we were giving out leaflets to raise money for Driven Forward Charity . £24 of donations received over the 2 hours will go towards the launch of the Community Hub that's coming soon in Windsor





     Free Hugs Jan 2020

Free Hugs Jan 2020     Free Hugs Jan 2020




September 2019



Driven Forward recently had a stall at Cookham fete and were really pleased to be invited as one of the charities benefiting from the funds raised on the day


August 2019

Driven Forward has achieved the free Quality Mark by having assessed every aspect of their activities to demonstrate their commitment to excellence. As announced on Twitter on 17th July 2019.


NaY 2019

A big thanks to the fantastic community cleaning crew who helped getting the trailer looking lovely and clean. Big, big thanks go to Samantha , Roxy, Glyn and her 2 youngsters, Martin and David for providing some well deserved cold drinks, and Daniel for the cups of tea and Justin who was just passing by and just got stuck in to help out too. Brilliant job ladies and gentleman and 2 lovely youngsters. Check out the before and after photos and the big logos have now gone.




Jealotts Hill weekly allotment trip.

So great to see everything growing at the allotment this week. All this wet weather makes it perfect to pull up weeds too and less watering. A great job to all of the guests who come regularly and a big thanks for Martin for his



Driven Forward very exciting times ahead , CLUE as to what’s next you ask ? Well I’m always thinking out of the box , not THIS traditional old red post box ...... Here I am justing posting of the contract on two other traditional old red boxes watch this space for further announcements and a big thanks to Martin for his ongoing volunteering assistance .



 April 2019

Free trip provided by Driven Forward to Maidenhead Firestation with some lovely ladies and gentlemen.


March 2019

Driven Forward takes a group of guests from The Windsor homeless project to Jealotts Hill community landshare allotment. This is a weekly trip taking place every Thursday where the homeless project have been allocated their own allotment space. The trips have been taking place since November and planting is going well of strawberries, mange tout, cauliflower, lettuce and broad beans and some of the produce will be donated to the Windsor Homeless project for use towards the fresh meals that are provided there.

The guests are really enjoying being taken there in “Lumi” and trips will also take place in the warmer weather on a Saturday .


 SADAQA Day - 24 March 2019

A group of elderly adults went to the Lions Silver Lunch to Sportsable. All local pick ups and whilst waiting a read of the lions magazine and a coffee.

They all enjoyed themselves and had a great lunch out.

Lions magazine





January 2019

 - We took a trip with guests and volunteers from The Windsor homeless project. A weekly trip is arranged and as the weather gets warmer we are sure that we will have more guests signing up.


We are involved in a pilot project, "More than a shelter." For 6 weeks we will be providing a pick up and drop off to the homeless adults enabling them to access the night shelters. This emsures that all guests are provided with a lift to enable them to access the night shelters.

December 2018

Second trip for Windsor homeless project to Jealotts Hill landshare to their allotment .

November 2018

Second trip for Bowes Lyon Close residents shopping trip to The Range in Slough.

We took another trip with a group from Bowes Lyon to Asda supermarket and then onto the Range.   

October 2018

This was our first trip where Tiia drove the minibus to Jealotts Hill landshare and took some “guests “ who access the Windsor homeless project to their first allotment trip.




Our first inaugural trip was for 10 elderly residents from Bowes Lyon, Windsor going Christmas shopping to Longacres Garden Centre.



The Express - 9 November 2018: