Phone Box Food Bank!

Phone Box Food Bank 

Charity Community Fridge Phone Box Food donation point.

Please have a look through your cupboards for any food or food provisions that you may not need , or are surplus, and pop them in to The Phone box that is on the corner of Clarence Crescent and Clarence Road in Windsor Berkshire

Phone Box Food Bank


Why not make this part of your daily exercise , and you can even encourage your children to drop in a tin or two whilst you are out for your walk ? We get over 30 families and adults visit every day and on every visit each picks up 10 tins and packets, that's 300 food items every day and so we give out 1,500 dry food items a week , like tins and packets etc so we are constantly restocking the Community Fridge every day. This will be our volunteer Kelli Loveridge's food project so please support her by making sure that she has some collections to pick up for The Community Fridge .

Many Thanks

Driven Forward Charity